Our mission is to illuminate and champion the enduring American values of hard work, resilience, freedom, and individualism. In a world increasingly caught up in the tide of 'wokeness', we believe in the power of open dialogue, informed decision-making, and respect for a diversity of viewpoints. We understand that 'wokeness' has its roots in addressing societal issues, but we feel that its current interpretation often detracts from focusing on core American principles that have withstood the test of time. Instead of fostering understanding, it can stifle open discussion, create division, and erode the bedrock of our nation. We aim to foster a community where these traditional values are celebrated, promoted, and safeguarded. We hope to stand as a beacon for those who wish to explore these concerns, engage in meaningful dialogue, and join us in our commitment to uphold these fundamental values. In this endeavor, we remain steadfast, we remain strong, we stand anti-woke.